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Citizens across the nation have demonstrated their opposition and dislike for photo enforcement. Photo enforcement, when placed on the ballot for the public to vote, has NEVER survived! Make no mistake about it - the public HATES photo enforcement!

Petition begins against Grand Avenue speed camera in El Mirage
Nov. 16, 2015 | | Article

EL MIRAGE, Ariz. -- A petition drive to ban speed cameras on state highways, specifically aimed at the camera at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Primrose Street in El Mirage, has begun.

Red-light cameras switched off, radar vans parked (Tucson, AZ)
Nov. 16, 2015 | | Article

You won't have to check's listing of radar vans before heading out for your commute anymore. In the wake of an overwhelming vote to end Tucson's photo traffic enforcement programs, the city has put the brakes on the red light cameras at eight intersections, and sent its photo radar vans back to the garage.

Proposition 201 was approved by voters Tuesday, 66-34 percent. Even though the vote has yet to be certified by the City Council, officials acknowledged the margin at the polls and shut down the programs this week. Hoods were placed over some signs that warned motorists of the cameras at intersections, and the radar vans were not deployed as scheduled.

Is it lights out for photo-radar traffic enforcement?
Jul. 5, 2015 | | Article

If one local activist gets his way, Tucson will be the latest city to reject photo-radar traffic enforcement.

Political gadfly John Kromko has spearheaded the effort to get a question about photo-radar enforcement on the November ballot in Tucson.

ATS previously held the contract with Pima County as well, but the board of supervisors decided to end the county’s photo radar program when the contract expired in January 2014.

South Dakota Enacts Most Sweeping Photo Ticket Ban In US
Mar. 31, 2014 | | Article

Sixteen states ban the use of red light cameras and speed cameras by statute or state court rulings (view list), but none of these prohibitions are anywhere near as sweeping as a pair of bills signed into law last week by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard (R). Not only are South Dakotans protected from red light camera tickets within state borders, as of July 1 they will be immune to automated citations issued in most other states.

Group Collecting Signatures To Abolish Red Light, Speed Cameras
Nov. 2, 2013 | CBS | Article

CHICAGO (CBS) — A group trying to do away with red light and speed cameras says it’s about halfway to its goal of collecting 100,000 signatures from voters, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

Mark Wallace is on a mission to abolish red light and speed cameras, which he sees as simply revenue generators for the city at the expense of its citizens.

Another California City to Put Traffic Cameras to Public Vote
Nov. 13, 2012 | | Article


Voters in Riverside, California will decide in June whether red light cameras should be used in their community. The city council narrowly decided last month to renew the use of the controversial devices while also offering the public a chance to be heard. Documents show not only did the public in overwhelming numbers urged the council to drop the use of cameras entirely, but state officials also weighed in heavily against their use at specific intersections.

The ballot measure was offered as a compromise intended to head off a motion to disband the camera program entirely. The compromise passed by one vote, that of Councilman Steve Adams whose brother is paid to approve red light camera citations. Just prior to the vote, local activists warned his participation would be seen as an ethical violation.

List of Public Votes Against Red Light Cameras and Speed Cameras
Dec. 5, 2011 | | Article


Since 1991, there have been a total of 24 election contests in Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Washington. With one exception, automated ticketing has failed by as much as 86 percent. One city did embrace the use of cameras after uniformed police officers were dispatched to go door-to-door to "encourage" citizens to keep the ticketing system in place.

Miami gives Redflex the boot
Oct. 26, 2011 | | Article

Miami — The Town Council sent Redflex packing in a unanimous vote Monday night.

The public hearing included a smooth presentation by Redflex representative Darren Kolack.

It took citizens a little less than an hour to present the council with a petition against Redflex signed by over 700 people.

Initiatives to End Photo Enforcement Scheduled for Upcoming Elections
Sep. 2, 2011 | | Article

Voters in at least seven cities will soon have a chance to decide whether to prohibit the use of red light cameras and speed cameras. Initiatives are being certified for the ballot in five states across the country, despite an all-out effort by photo ticketing firms to block any public role in the matter. Early voting is already underway in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the October 4 municipal election.

Another California City Joins Red Light Camera Revolt
Aug. 29, 2011 | | Article

A fourth city in Orange County, California is poised to outlaw the use of red light cameras. Earlier this month the Laguna Niguel city council voted 4-1 on first reading of a measure that would prohibit the use of automated ticketing machines in the future -- the city has never allowed camera vendors to operate on its streets.

Australian Media Slams Redflex
Apr. 13, 2010 | | Article

It's hard to find a mainstream media piece as perfect as this one.


Citizens Around The Country Consider Banning Traffic Cameras
Apr. 13, 2010 | | Article

Citizen activists are looking to ban red light cameras and speed cameras in Maryland, Ohio and Texas. Petition drives are under way in six cities with the goal of offering local residents the opportunity to vote in the next election on whether automated ticketing should continue or not. Already, one of these efforts has succeeded.


Arizona speed cameras incite a mini revolt
Feb. 19, 2010 | LA Times | Article

But since the Grand Canyon State began enforcing speed limits with roadside cameras, motorists are raging against the machines: They have blocked out the lenses with Post-it notes or Silly String. During the Christmas holidays, they covered the cameras with boxes, complete with wrapping paper.


Mansfield axes red light cameras
Jan. 20, 2010 | | Article

MANSFIELD -- The proposed red light camera ordinance -- brought to City Council by police Chief Phil Messer -- was unanimously rejected Tuesday.

One camera system vendor, Redflex, sent a representative to Mansfield to argue the systems are constitutional and reduce traffic accidents.


Photo Enforcement Defeated at the Ballot Box in Texas, Ohio
Nov. 4, 2009 | | Article

Voters in three cities sent a clear message to local lawmakers yesterday by adopting charter amendments that ban photo enforcement. In addition to kicking two camera supporters from the city council, 72 percent of those voting in Chillicothe, Ohio approved a total prohibition on the use of red light cameras and speed cameras. In College Station, Texas the vote was much closer, but at the end of the night 52 percent wanted the red light cameras to come down. In Heath, Ohio 51 percent voted against the cameras. A total of nine cities nationwide have used the initiative process to ban camera enforcement since 1991, with camera proponents never having won a public vote.


Public Opposition Drives Down Redflex Profit Margin
Aug. 26, 2009 | | Article

The largest provider of red light camera and speed camera services in the US admitted yesterday that public opposition has begun to affect the bottom line. In an announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Melbourne-based Redflex Traffic Systems reported a nine percent drop in net profit for the year ended June 30, 2009. This has come about in part as motorists increasingly refuse to pay automated fines and use public pressure to force cities to eliminate photo enforcement programs.


Harahan speed camera idea stalls out
Jul. 16, 2009 | | Article

With no support from Harahan residents, the City Council decided Thursday night to table a proposal that would have installed cameras to target speeders in the city.

Council members and the mayor said they were inundated with anti-camera sentiments from residents.

"Not a single person called up in favor of these machines," Johnston said.


Photo radar shooting on Loop 101
Apr 19, 2009 | l Article

One driver is dead after someone took aim at a mobile photo radar van along Loop 101. That victim was driving the Department of Public Safety van near the 7th Avenue on-ramp, Sunday night, when he was shot multiple times. Officers immediately shut down the Loop 101 in north Phoenix to search for the gunman. Traffic was backed up for miles, while police combed the crime scene.


Louisiana: Public Slams Traffic Cameras in Referendum
Apr. 5, 2009 | | Article

In a special election yesterday, a Southern Louisiana city of 22,000 overwhelmingly rejected photo enforcement. Asked, "Shall Ordinance No. 873, M-C Series adopting automated speed enforcement for the City of Sulphur, Louisiana, be repealed?" eighty-six percent of voters said "Yes."

In a March 17 press release, for example, ATS insisted that camera opponents were the minority... " By a remarkable 66 percent to 30 percent margin, voters [in the survey] supported red light cameras."


Speed van attacked; company surprised
Mar 10, 2009 | | Article

LAFAYETTE - Lafayette Police arrested a 42-year-old Scott man  Monday after he allegedly attacked a Redflex Speed van by ramming it  with his vehicle several times Friday night.


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