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We understand the risks of "whistleblowing." If you have something the public should know about, please contact us! Your anonymity will be honored and is of the utmost importance to us.

The purpose of our website is to inform state and local governments about Redflex's current and past activities in case they are considering entering into a business agreement with them. Many elected officials don't have the time to properly research the companies they are doing business with. We feel that governments and citizens should be aware of the practices and history associated with this company due to their involvement with governments and law enforcement. It is only with this complete knowledge and background that governments and citizens can make decisions to best protect their interests.

Do not be mislead by the focus on Redflex. The competition is no better. The same issues are prevalent industry-wide and inherent to the technology.

One topic that is not present on this website is camera malfunctions and general problems with photo enforcement. This topic is covered extensively at Be sure to research how unreliable and problematic photo enforcement can be.

If you have stories or information from anywhere in the world pertaining to Redflex or photo enforcement, please contact us. You may email the website staff at If you have any information that you feel we could use, please feel free to help by sending us links to relevant news articles and information!

Media requests ONLY may be sent to: In most cases we will respond in less than 4 hours.

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